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Live in Concert, Vol. 2 CD


Live in Concert, Vol. 2 CD


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1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Live)
2. Make You Feel My Love (Live)
3. Creep (Live)
4. Still Loving You (Live)
5. Blue Moon (Live)
6. Heaven (Live)
7. My Way (Live)
8. Scarborough Fair (Live)
9. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Live)
10. La foule (Live)
11. Jerusalem of Gold (Live)
12. Always on My Mind (Live)
13. Malagueña (Live)
14. Moon River (Live)
15. Home Sweet Home (Live)

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Live in Concert, Vol. 1 & 2 are Hanan Harchol's latest recordings and feature live performances of a much wider variety of selections than Hanan has previously recorded, including selections by artists such as Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Coldplay, James Taylor and many others, all instrumentally arranged on the classical guitar. Recorded and Mixed by Georg Ludvik. Mastered by Johann Steinecker@STUDIOWORKS.