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Lullaby CD


Lullaby CD


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1. Brahms' Lullaby
2. Castle on a Cloud (from 'Les Misérables')
3. Rockabye Baby
4. Beauty and the Beast
5. All the Pretty Little Horses
6. Edelweiss (from 'The Sound of Music')
7. Mozart's Lullaby
8. Oyfn Pripetshok (Yiddsh Lullaby)
9. TooRaLooRaLooRa (Irish Lullaby)
10. Minuet in G, by J.S. Bach
11. All Through The Nigh (Welsh)
12. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
13. When You Wish Upon A Star
14. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
15. The Water is Wide

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Lullaby is a beautiful collection of the world's most beloved lullabies and calming music, instrumentally arranged and tenderly performed on the solo classical guitar.  The music is soothing and perfect for infants and small children as well as adults who want to unwind.  This recording showcases a very special instrument, a 1964 Velazquez handmade classical guitar, which as a sweet, warm and resonant tone.  This CD has become an indispensable favorite in many homes to put children to sleep with, and the recording has a remarkably soothing effect on adults as well, because of the natural, pure sound of the classical guitar.  Both adults and children will adore this album.